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January 19, 2015

Boudoir and Glamour and why it’s the best!

We LOVE Boudoir and Glamour photography. We do. It’s truly one of my most favorite styles of photography. Why? Because these sessions allow us to bring out this inner beauty in our clients that they rarely see in themselves. In a world that is constantly driving us to criticize our bodies, Boudoir and Glamour photography allow us to put all of that aside and celebrate the skin we are in! Everyone (and I do means EVERYONE) has something they’re insecure about. I photograph women and men of all shapes and sizes and I have yet to encounter a client that wasn’t insecure about something. It’s terribly sad to watch these fantastic people struggle with their self image. Which is why I LOVE doing these types of sessions. When we put you in front of our camera, we’re looking to create beautiful images of YOU. We are creating artwork that you can cherish and celebrate for years to come. So many of our clients come to us insecure and nervous about their sessions. It’s our job to calm their nerves, help them relax and let them know how fantastic they truly look. We know being in front of a camera can be weird/awkward. We have countless clients who came into their session terrified and end up leaving ecstatic. It’s the best part of the job! Let’s go over the difference between Boudoir and Glamour photography, because one is not exactly the other. So many people we talk to freak out because of what they “think” the session is going to be like, and it’s just much easier to show you the difference!



First and foremost Boudoir does NOT mean pornography. Even fully nude Boudoir is not porn. It is taking photographs that can be sultry, sometimes a little suggestive, but overall they are just very sexy images of a person, generally taken in lingerie, sometimes partially nude or fully nude. As a studio, we strive for tasteful, sexy images that you wouldn’t be mortifying if your children stumbled upon your album. We want to celebrate your sexiness, without trying to make you look like you’re trying too hard. We want to leave something to the imagination, focusing on the details of your body, the curves, the lines of your body, your eyes, the way your hair falls…All of those things are what make you as sexy as you are! You don’t have to be a size 0 or a porn star to rock a boudoir session. Boudoir is for everyone.


glamour photography
Glamour photography is amazing. Don’t like to feel exposed? Don’t want to rock some lingerie? That’s totally cool! Glamour photography totally embraces who you ARE and what makes YOU feel sexy. This is different for everyone and isn’t so much about being in a bedroom like setting as it is owning your beauty in a portrait setting. We do a variety of things when we get ready for a glamour session. Some women want to simply be natural, rock what they have in an awesome portrait experience. Some women want the full pampering experience with professional hair and make up and wardrobe consulting. It’s really up to the client! Glamour is about creating beautiful images of YOU. You don’t have to be exposed to create a gorgeous portrait. Sometimes that beautiful smirk at the camera full dressed is all you need for a sexy photo of yourself.

We always like to consult with our clients ahead of time to plan their sessions, discuss wardrobe and make sure they’re ready for their sessions. Both styles of photography can be nerve racking for someone, so we always like to discuss the process well in advance. We find that most clients over think the sessions and put way too much pressure on themselves! This is about celebrating yourself, not about being published in Playboy. Whether you’re scheduling the session for yourself for fun, or you’re scheduling one as a gift for your significant other, the session is about making YOU feel and look fantastic. Try to embrace the experience and have fun with it! We always have music going and try and make it a relaxed fun experience highlighting everything about you that makes you feel fantastic. And if there is something you just don’t feel comfortable with about yourself, we retouch the images to remove those things. Will I swap your head onto Beyonce’s body? No. But I will make sure that the images we create of you make you feel your most beautiful.



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Make sure you take advantage of our Boudoir/Glamour special while we still have spots available!  We are looking forward to making you feel your  most beautiful! Contact us today to book your session with us.