January 28, 2014

Bride Honors Her Grandparents in the Sweetest Engagement Session Ever: Laura + Adam

Fun story. So my bride, Laura, moved to Michigan this last year all the way from Texas. Huge change for her in more ways than one. Not only was the weather a huge adjustment to make, but she left behind all of her family to move north where she felt led to be. This paid off in the fairy tale way…She met her soon-to-be husband. Laura has always said when she was engaged she wanted to honor her grandparents marriage by recreating their wedding photos.

Fast forward a few months, she’s engaged and it was time to make her grandparents cry. And that’s just what we did. Laura’s mother hand made her a dress that looked almost identical to her grandmother’s wedding dress and we set out to create a modern day version of her grandparents photos. We absolutely love how these engagement photos turned out.


engagement Engagement Laura + AdamEngagement Engagement

Needless to say Laura made the call to her grandparents after we posted the images and she got the choked up phone call from her grandfather saying “Laura, you have no idea how much those photos mean to me. Thank you.” We feel so honored to have been able to help Laura recreate these memories for her family and cannot wait for their big day this April!

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