June 10, 2013

A Week Before We Open!

TNC8813We are busy working on the new studio space and prepping for our grand opening and I just couldn’t be more thankful.

I’m sitting here in the dark, watching it rain through my big windows and I’m just in awe. I am sitting in my new studio space. I just had to write a blog. For anyone who knows anything about me, love it or hate it, I love Jesus Christ. Have been a Christian since I was a child a realized I needed him. I was raised in a Christian home, my parents are both Pastors, and now I operate as the youth pastor. Sitting in this new studio space may just seem like a boring business thing to you, but to me, it’s a miracle. The things that I’ve gone through over the years, the experiences I’ve had, the days I’ve wanted to just throw in the towel and never look back, those days have all led me to here.

Behind the desk I made, in my new studio.

The studio God gave me.

I have dreamt about this day for years. I had no idea what it would like. I had no clue how I would get there. I just knew there was this business inside of me and I couldn’t ignore it. I tried. I worked as a receptionist for years. I went to school for several different things before I finally gave up and said “That’s it! If I’m going to spend this time in a school, it’s going to be doing what I love!” It was hard, I was away from my family for years while I was at school and there were lots of things that didn’t go as planned while I was gone. But my skill set was fine tuned, and I was given the opportunity to nurture a passion for photography that had been planted inside of me since at least the 4th grade.

My parents have always told me, “Dream big. It doesn’t cost a thing to dream.” So I did. I dreamt about a studio in town that would give back to the community and reach out to those who needed my help. A place that was fun and inviting and full of creative energy. A place where the goodness of God shone brightly and where we produce artwork that affects people.

I dreamt about this for years. And just trusted that one day, God would connect me to the right people and open the right doors.

Revelations 3:8 ” I have put an open door before you which no one can close”

Years later, relationships later, experiences both good and bad later….the door opened. What felt like was taking forever suddenly felt like it came out of no where. Now I am a week a way from my ribbon cutting and I am in awe.

I couldn’t be more excited about serving my clients, both old and new. I’m looking forward to years of fun, excitement and creativity and I hope that you’re looking forward to the awesomeness as well! It’s going to be a fantastic adventure! I can’t wait to see what else the Lord has in store for us.