May 14, 2013

Tatum Photo and Design Senior Rep Program Launches!

It has finally launched and we couldn’t be more excited! The Tatum Photo and Design Senior Rep Program is now launched into high gear! We are actively looking for 2014 Seniors who want to earn free stuff, free sessions and did we mention cash? It’s not hard to become a TP+D Senior Rep! Scroll down for more information!

Tatum P+D Senior Rep Program




All Tatum P+D Senior Reps will be required to invest in their initial senior package, but will get those packages at 50% off the original price. Once the senior has been accepted as a rep, they will get a free mini session with the rest of the Tatum P+D Reps which will be used for marketing materials for the upcoming school year. Each rep will receive personalized “Rep Cards” with their favorite photo on them. These cards will be used for our referral system. Each successful referral will earn our reps a nice little cash incentive, print credits and the referral will also snag some sweet print credits as well! Depending on how many referrals a rep gets, they can have earned back their initial investment, plus some amazing prints and artwork, as well as up to 3 more free sessions, plus some sweet Tatum P+D swag.


Our reps will be asked to hand out their Rep Cards to other juniors/seniors looking for senior pictures. The goal of the rep program is to make other seniors aware of the sweet photos you’ve just gotten and encourage them to give Tatum P+D a try! Reps will be encouraged to use social networking and other forms of networking to communicate with their friends and share their photos. No one will be asked to go knocking door-to-door or anything like that. We just want you to do what you are already doing, and share Tatum P+D with your friends. We ask that our Tatum P+D Reps and parents/guardians accept an invitation to our private Facebook group where we will post about upcoming sessions, tasks that we need our reps to complete, and also some sweet giveaways. We encourage parents/guardians to be involved in the rep process. The opportunities for a rep are really amazing and can score the rep and their family some awesome artwork. It’s a really awesome experience to add to your final year of high school.


Tatum P+D Senior Reps must be a graduating senior of the class of 2014. Males and females are both encouraged to apply. We are not looking for “Models”. We are looking for real people who like to have fun, socialize, use Facebook, and have no problem reaching out to their friends. We want to work with fun, outgoing people. It’s our job to make you look and feel your best.

You must submit two recent photos of yourself: one head shot, one full body shot. This allows us to get a feel for the different reps who are applying, and make sure that we are putting the best group of reps together we can. We will be doing group photos, so it’s just a way for us to get an idea of who is applying.


You need to fill out an application! At this time, our apps are available online through our sign-up form or request a copy of the application through e-mail (

What are you waiting for? Fill out our online Rep form or shoot us an e-mail! Applications have to be in by June 7, 2013!





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